A Personal Trainer I Can Trust

Whether you aspire to strut your stuff on stage at a physique competition or would simply like to feel better and have more energy, you came to the right place!

My background in dance, gymnastics, physique competition, pole fitness, women's strength challenges, and powerlifting has given me plenty of tools to draw from. But don't think you need experience to work with me! I find it very rewarding to be the one to introduce proper training methods and techniques to someone who is brand new to fitness. My 16 years of experience in the Health and Fitness industry have allowed me to coach people of all ages and fitness levels on how to improve their lives. I'd love for YOU to be one of them!

Read what my training clients say!

Not Just a Trainer, Also a Competitor

What My Clients Say!

Training with Wendy is above and beyond what I ever expected! I originally contacted Wendy above other trainers because of her positive and encouraging attitude and her friendly approach to training and fitness. Don't be fooled by her pleasant charm, though, for when it's time to hit the gym she works you hard and is just as eager to see progress as you are! Over the last 18 months she has tirelessly coached me through various workouts and guided my diet and supplement choices. She taught me that I am capable of training hard, and has also taught me how not to over train. Training "Wendy Style" has been, and continues to be. something I love to do! I feel confident in the gym knowing that my routine is based on the foundations of weight training, and the results are amazing!

I couldn't be happier with my experience with Wendy over the past year and a half, and I know that her other clients feel the same. She treats us all with amazing respect and dedication; as if we were her only client. It truly is a great experience all around!

I have trained on and off with Wendy since 2008. I even traveled from a different city to see her, I love her so much! I have the utmost respect for her not only as a trainer, but as a person too! She is very dedicated to her clients both inside the gym and out. Wendy is constantly motivating and pushing me to be my very best, even when I don't think I can. She is extremely passionate about what she does, which always shows up in her "Wendy-Style training"!

As hard as she pushes me, and as much as I think I'm going to die, she somehow has a way of making it fun and we always have good laughs! She has been my trainer, but also my friend and has seen me through all of my ups and downs.

If you are looking for someone to give you RESULTS and have a GREAT time doing it, Wendy is your woman!

There comes a time in your life when you need that extra support to push you to accomplish your goals or to help you become the best possible version of yourself. Wendy has been that constant in my life for a year now, who has pushed me to better myself not only physically but also mentally. Her passion for life and never settling is exemplified in her training techniques that have helped me become stronger and more confident. Wendy's amazing sense of humor and bubbly personality keep me coming back every week and have me pushing myself harder each day in the gym. She is really in a league of her own and there is no other way to really explain Wendy but by saying she has her own "style."

I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to give up all the excuses and really make a positive change in their lives.

Specific Personal Training Programs Are...

Tailored to suit all fitness levels from general health and wellness for novice clients to competitive athletes.

Weight training programming

Whether it's your first day hitting the iron, or your hundredth, my many years of experience will ensure that we're working at the right intensity, with the right amount of volume and frequency to leave you feeling refreshed and energized for anything that comes your way!

Nutrition plans

Nutrition plays the BIGGEST role in achieving your health and fitness goals. A sound nutrition plan that becomes a lifestyle is the surest way to MAINTAIN your health and fitness goals! I will provide you with all the tools you need to make a healthy lifestyle change!

Timely email and phone support

It's great to get together for our once-weekly training session, but the REAL change happens in the remaining 51 hours of your week that I don't get to see you! This is where daily food journaling comes in! My clients who are most in contact with me are the ones who get the best and fastest results!

Cardiovascular programming

I believe there is a small place for cardiovascular training in achieving the health and fitness results you are after! Once we have your weight training and nutrition in check, we add cardio on an as-needed basis!

Assisted goal planning

Many clients who come to me don't know what a realistic health or fitness goal might be. Often, they don't realize that health and fitness is a process, not a destination. Once we reach your initial goal, we don't just quit our gym membership and stop eating properly. We set a NEW goal! You may have no idea where your health and fitness journey will lead you, but I guarantee that when we work together, we will far surpass your expectations!

Approach and Philosophy

I am a multi-certified and insured personal trainer who has been involved in the fitness industry since 2000! Personal training under my guidance tends to be holistic in nature. Clients not only work toward their fitness goals, but are also taught how to stretch themselves beyond their perceived limitations so that once initial goals are realized, new ones can be made!

I believe in empowering my clients with the knowledge and tools they need in order to succeed on their own. I have the ability to blend motivation, experience, and knowledge to create results in helping you achieve your personal fitness goals. And, I'm SUPERFUN!!!!!!!!

There's no better time to get started than now!

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